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At Horsetooth Financial, LLC, we offer comprehensive wealth management planning that efficiently and effectively places our client's interest first. Placing an emphasis on Estate planning early in a client's investment experience helps to identify a path with an endpoint, and serves as an educational opportunity for future generations. Most importantly, it keeps our company focused on accomplishing the goals that are most important and essential to you.

By comprehensive, we truly attempt to encompass an investing strategy that can involve many different types of investment accounts with flexibility and choice, and that effectively involve your phases of life planning as you age. We believe a family approach to managing our relationship is key, and a philosophy of integrity and honesty to earn your Trust is always a priority.

We never ignore performance, and in fact, make that is a priority as one of our goals. Performance can be achieved with good decisions that consider cost, experienced management, and that are in sync with an investor's time horizons.

Wealth management is financial medicine that involves periodic reviews, clear communication, and experience and expertise to accomplish. No two clients are alike and we customize a path for each and every client we are privileged to serve.